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We only show conveyancing firms from Ipswich, so you can be confident that you will get a selection of quotes from firms local to you.

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Helping you budget

Being able to budget from the outset can drastically reduce the uncertainty and stress of moving. While unexpected expenses occasionally arise in property transactions, you can get a quote for all of the predictable expenses in a transaction.

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Discover the value of a local service

Local firms are often overlooked in favour of huge "factory" operations with equally huge marketing budgets. Discover local firms where you can meet the people dealing with your case.

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Compare Ipswich Conveyancing is a comparison site focusing on Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers in Ipswich, and the immediate area (ie, within a few miles).

Many other comparison sites only list firms who pay them to be listed. We are making an honest attempt to display every single legal firm practicing conveyancing (the legal process of moving house) around Ipswich.

Admittedly, it is entirely possible that we have missed a firm due to either human error (hey, nobodies perfect!) or through firms requesting that they not be displayed but we have had a good go at trying to list every firm that you could use.

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