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About Us

Compare Ipswich Conveyancing is a comparison site focusing on Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers in Ipswich, and the immediate area (ie, within a few miles).

Many other comparison sites only list firms who pay them to be listed. We don't, and are making an honest attempt to display every single legal firm practicing conveyancing (the legal process of moving house) around Ipswich. Admittedly, it is entirely possible that we have missed a firm due to either human error (hey, nobodies perfect!) or through firms requesting that they not be displayed but we have had a good go at trying to list every firm that you could use.

Any comparison site is trying to make money somehow. With most sites in the legal industry, that way is simple. They take the details that you fill in on their websites and sell these to conveyancing firms. The firms have to pay to be displayed on the website which means that (stating the obvious) that only the firms willing to pay will be getting compared. We don't do this because the careful selection that goes into becoming a member of a site running on this basis revolves around law firms paying large monthly payments to the comparison site in question. How much of a comparison does this really offer if firms who don't pay are not listed?

We are different because we simply list everybody in the area without making any charge for doing so. We make money via selling access to the software that generates the quotes on this website to Solicitors so they can give out quotes on their own website. The comparison site is (from our point of view) a showcase of what we can do with our software and essentially a loss leader for profitable services.

We can afford to do this because we wrote the software ourselves and therefore don't have to buy or rent it from somebody else, so the costs of running one of these sites is only the website hosting costs, which are so low as to be negligible.